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Kurt and Ursula Schubert Center for Jewish Studies Library

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Contant person: Mgr. Daniel Soukup, Ph.D.

CJS Library offers a valuable specialized library consisting of mostly foreign publications which are often not available in regional libraries nor in such libraries as the Jewish Museum in Prague.

CJS is thankful mostly to its sponsors and patrons for the content of the library. Daniel Melchet donated to the Center in 2007. This gift was used to finance the first library acquisitions that became the basis of the newly founded Nina and Ben Melchet-Salpeter Library which contains circa 1300 items today.

Futher enlargement of the Library was made possible thanks to Respekt a tolerance, an association that provided access to the collections of its Dr. Stanton Canter Library for students and staff of the Center. Jüdisches Museum, St. Pölten donated the complete series of Encyklopaedia Judaica to the Library. A significant part of the Library collection is composed of the former private library of the late Professor Schubert whose bequest provided more than 800 items.

The gift of Chaim Frank from the Dokumentations-Archiv für Jüdische Kultur und Geschichte in Munich widened the collection by more than a thousand items, containing among others Judaica, studies focused on recent history, art history and a sizable amount of periodicals.


Due to the current system of post-secondary financing CJS is practically dependent on support from sponsors. Kurt and Ursula Schubert are among the most important to whom the library collection is indebted. Professor Kurt Schubert (1923-2007) was of the most respected Jewish studies scholars in Europe and founder of Jewish Studies in Vienna.

During the Second World War he studied ancient Semitic philology, as a student he was able to save the extensive library of the Rabbinic Seminary in Vienna. After the war he became the rector of University of Vienna where he also taught at the Department of Oriental Studies. In 1966 he sucured the founding of an independent Institute for Jewish Studies and supported the founding and development of other Jewish Studies centers among them the Jewish studies program at the Faculty of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc.

As part of the Jewish studies program, Professor Schubert delivered a series of lectues and seminars during the 2005/2006 academic year. He had been an active promoter of Jewish studies at Palacký University until his death in 2007. Ursula Schubert, an art historian at the University of Vienna, focused on the art history of early Christianity and Hellenistic Judaism. The spouses were thus connected by scientific interest. Kurt Schubert bequeathed a large part of his private library to the CJS Library. It continues to provide valued research sources in Olomouc for students and staff alike.

Daniel Melchet

Daniel Melchet (born in 1945) is a descendant of Beno Selpeter of Bukovina. After his parents' death Beno found himself in a Jewish orphanage in Olomouc. In 1939 he emigrated to Palestine. His son Daniel visited Olomouc in 2006 and subsequently made a financial donation to the Jewish studies program library which is named after his parents: "Nina & Beno Melchet-Salpeter Judaica Library". The library was inaugurated on 19 May 2008 with Daniel Melchet and his family in attendance.

Association Respekt a tolerance – Stanton Canter 

The voluntary association Respekt a tolerance (Respect and Tolerance) lead by Mr Luděk Štipl documents the history and culture of former Jewish communities in Loštice, Mohelnice and Úsov. It works with information from archives and literature as well as records personal accounts of witnesses. The results of its activities are presented to the public - especially to youth - through exhibitions, publications, newspaper articles and educational programs. Thanks to a gift of the generous colleague and supporter of the association, Mr Stanton Canter, and the willingness of Respekt a tolerance to lend the books obtained by Mr Canter to the CJS, its students and other interested parties can use the rich collection for their studies.

Chaim Frank

Chaim Frank (born in 1955) is a true "renaissance man" of our time: a multitalented artist, a graduate of art history, conservator and Jewish studies scholar (he was a student of Professor Schubert in Vienna). He further worked or works in journalism, as a guide, with social pedagogy or a math teacher at a secondary school. He lives in Munich.

Respekt & Tolerance - Dr. Stanton Canter Library

Dr. Stanton Canter 

Dr. Canter is a 1964 graduate of the University of Southern California (USC). He was an assistant Professor at the USC from 1966 through 1976 and presently maintains a private practice limited to periodontics in Woodland, California. Dr. Canter is a founding member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and founder and principal supporter of the Foundation for the Respect and Tolerance in the Czech Republic. Dr. Canter's project "Books and Education for Students" is supported by his wife Janet C. Canter, who is active in the Public and Private Sector Charitable Works and by theirs sons - Shawn Canter of Global Investment Banking and Chip Canter, who works in the National and International Telecommunications. Dr. Canter is known as the inventor, international consultant and collector of Judaica and Jewish books. 

Díky daru štědrého spolupracovníka a přispěvatele sdružení Respekt & tolerance, pana Stantona Cantera, a velkorysé zápůjče darovaných knih sdružením Respekt & tolerance, mají studenti Kabinetu judaistiky možnost využít tohoto bohatého fondu ke svému studiu. Mezi zapůjčenými knihami, nyní fyzicky přítomnými v knihovně Kabinetu judaistiky se nachází několik skutečných skvostů. Všechny zapůjčené knihy jsou dedikovány obětem holocaustu z Loštic a okolí. 

Knihy jsou řazeny tématicky, nikoliv abecedně!

Seznam knih:

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