Conferences and Workshops

Important conferences 2004-2018

  • Reframing Jewish Life. Moravian Jewry at the turn of the 19th and the 10th Century,  Olomouc 10/2017
  • The Land in Between – Three Centuries of Jewish Migration to, from and across Moravia, 1648-1948, 11/2012, Olomouc
  • Judaism and Jewish Studies in the Modern World, 11/2012, ESF CZ.1.07/2.2.00/15.0300
  • Women and Holocaust in Central Europe: New Perspectives and Challenges, Gender Studies Program of the Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw), Kurt and Ursula Schubert Center of Jewish Studies (Olomouc), 11/2011, Visegrad
  • Die vielen Gesichter des Ludwig August Frankl von Hochwart (1810 – 1894), 12/2010, Olomouc 12/2010, Olomouc, AKTION 58p12
  • Haskala, 2008 Olomouc, Czech-German Fund for the Future, Czecho-slovak fund of the Holocaust victims

Important workshops 2004-2018

  • “Literature, Science, Medicine and Jewish-Christian Relations: Berechiah ben Natronai ha-Nagdan and the Reception of his Works” led by T. Visi and D. Soukup, GA ČR 14-196863, 5/2015
  • “The Emergence of Judaism and Christianity I, II” led by Professor Israel Yuval (Hebrew University in Jerusalem), 10/2014
  • “Advances in Medieval Church and Religious History” with students of Jewish studies, University of Wroclaw (Poland), 11/2013
  • “Berechiah Hanaqdan’s Mishlei Shu‘alim and European Fable Traditions” led by doc. Tovi Bibring (Bar-Ilan University)
  • International workshop organized during a visit of Professor Miri Rubin (Queen Mary, University of London), 4/2013